TRIP and TRAVEL TALK with Mike Alvich & Tom Lewis. If you like vacation fun, Mike and Tom will be talking about cities, resorts, attractions, camping, beaches, cruising… you name it, in and around the USA and the world, so tune in to TRIP and TRAVEL TALK at CRN on CR-1, Sundays at 5PM Eastern Time and 2PM Pacfic Time just for the fun of it.

You can also hear Mike and Tom through your computer. Visit crni.net and click on CR-1 (after a brief commercial you will hear the show).

A New York City native, Mike has had a life-long love affair with travel and transportation. Having lived in New York, New Jersey and Illinois surrounded with family, cats, dogs and birds. Mike has traveled the world to 16 countries and 25 states and has extensive experience in the leisure, vacation, airline, public transit, bus transportation and sightseeing industries.

Tom has grown up in the travel industry. He has held various management, sales, and marketing positions in the Airlines, Ground Transportation, and Sightseeing/Tour Industries. Tom and his wife Geri are avid travelers and enjoy taking trips to interesting and diverse locations around the world.

Have a favorite vacation destination or memory that you really got a kick out of as a kid or an adult? It could be a weekend getaway, a 3-week camping trip, unwinding at a ritzy resort, challenging gravity on a snowy slope, or riding a nasty camel somewhere! Email us your favorite fun vacation story at: funvacations@tripandtraveltalk.com

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